Vállalkozók és Munkáltatók Országos Szövetsége
National Association of Entrepreneurs and Employers
Landesverband Ungarischer Unternehmer und Arbeitsgeber

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1. Scope of activities

Social, labour and economic affaires

2. Founding and registration of the organization

The National  Association of Entrepreneurs and Employers (VOSZ) was founded in  April of 1989  as employer’s association. VOSZ  is a non governmental association with countrywide network having members from the whole sphere of the economy.

3. Historical overview

The National  Association of Entrepreneurs and Employers (VOSZ) was founded in 1989 before the political transition in Hungary. It was  the first non-governmental, politically neutral, nation-wide  representation of employer’s interests in Hungary. Represents companies  in all sectors of business. Economic and business  climate of Hungary necessitated its foundation in the period of development  of market economy.  Members are mostly SME’s. By the time VOSZ became the most important and most powerful employer’s association in Hungary.


4. Present structure

  • General Assembly
  • Delegates’ Assembly
  • Presidium
  • Acting Presidium
  • Control Committee
  • Sections
  • Secretariat
  • Regional offices


General Assembly is the supreme body of the association

Delegates Assembly has equal rights to General Assembly, meets once annum

Presidium is the supreme decision-making body between two Delegate’s Assembly 

 Acting Presidium  is elected for  a period of 1 year by the Presidium, meets occasionally

Control Committee  controls the budget, the finances and the management

Sections represents and support  the sectoral interests of members

 Secretariat is operative administrative organ

Regional offices (22) – service offices

5. Functions

  • Work for the development of competitiveness of enterprises
  • Create a climate favorable for  economical and social progress
  • Ameliorate the  economical environment and social stability
  • Participate in bipartite and tripartite negociations
  • Exert influence on the national legislation
  • Represent members interest in national and international level
  • Give different services to members


6. Membership

VOSZ has 12.000 directly registered  members. Their proportion of contribution  to the Gross National Product  is 31 % and  the total number of employees working in these enterprises  represents 28% of  active wage earners of  the national economy.

VOSZ has 42 cooperation agreements with   different associations. Actually VOSZ counts  45.000 enterprises as its members. The contribution of our members  to the Gross National Product is 68 %

7. Affiliations

VOSZ is a member of the IOE, participate in ILO activities,  member  of Eurocommerce and member of BIAC

8. Publications

VOSZ  publishes his monthly VOSZ NEWS and operates his own website www.vosz.hu and circulates news letters weekly  to inform members and partners. VOSZ  distributes brochures, leaflets periodically

In 1999 VOSZ founded an award called „Entrepreneur of the year”  Every year VOSZ recognizes the outstanding achievements of its most successful members with this award.


9. Sectoral activity

To provide members with tailor-made services VISZ has different Sectors

  1. Health
  2. Youth and Student Entrepreneurs
  3. Telecommunication
  4. Industry and Building Industry
  5. Commerce and Services
  6. Education and Qualification
  7. Finance
  8. Transportation
  9. Textile and Apparel
  10. Tourism, Hospitality and Hotel –keepers
  11. Human resource
  12. Environmental


10. Services

-        23 information offices in the country

-        Széchenyi card – entrepreneurial credit card


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