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Get Ready for Brexit - webinar series on Brexit

To avoid disruption following the UK’s exit from the EU, traders, customs agents, hauliers and other intermediaries must take action and have the right paperwork in place to enable their goods to pass through controls at the UK and EU borders. The UK Government Border Delivery Group (BDG) is arranging a series of webinars targeted at EU businesses which will help to provide clarity on what is expected of them, their clients and their supply chain as they look to trade goods across the border. This series of webinars will cover six specific sectors, to be repeated weekly, starting week commencing 23/09/19.

Please note that attendance at each event will be capped. We invite you to register for these webinars via the below Eventbrite link.


Summary:  Get Ready for Brexit! If you are an EU based business trading goods to or via the UK, please sign up to a webinar led by the UK Government Border Delivery Group to receive guidance and information on the steps you may need to take before 31 October.


Agenda:  Presentations will include information on border preparedness, customs procedures at the border, relevant sector-specific content and a Q&A session. Participants are invited to attend the webinar most relevant to their sector, from:  

  • Agriculture and Foods (Agri-foods)
  • Chemicals
  • Automotive
  • Hauliers/logistics
  • Life sciences
  • Non-specific/general traders


Each webinar will last for 90 minutes.


How to register for the webinars:  The below link will take you to an Eventbrite page, displaying the upcoming webinars with dates and times. Please choose the webinar you find most appropriate and register to confirm your attendance and receive the webinar details. Following the completion of the webinar registered participants will receive the relevant material and answers to questions asked during the session.


Link to Eventbrite & further details:   borderdeliverygroup.eventbrite.com



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